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The Cydia App Store Offers 1,000s Of
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Our unique solution can even unlock iPhones that have actually been damaged because of other so called unlocking solutions. Our solution even works if you have had an iPhone unlocked and it was relocked after an upgrade.

Free Software Updates!   When you do the firmware updates for your iPhone it has the tendency to re-lock. With our solution we guarantee to provide you with unlocking software updates that are kept up-to-date so no matter how many firmware updates your iPhone has you never need to worry about it being re-locked.

Our team works hard to a high quality unlocking system for all our customers. We are so sure of our products that we have no problem offering a 100% money back guarantee on any order that is placed. We offer a no question asked refund policy so if you feel for any reason that our iPhone Unlock / Jailbreak solution doesn’t work for you, you can request a refund with no questions asked.

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The Cydia App Store is a popular source for 3rd-party iPhone apps. But, to access these apps, you first need to "Jailbreak" your iPhone.

Jailbreaking "unchains" your iPhone from Apple -- so you can use BOTH Apple Store Apps... AND 1,000s of additional 3rd-party apps. In a nutshell, it gives you the best of both worlds.

Our popular software -- iPhone-Unlocker-Pro -- helps you jailbreak ANY iPhone including 6 Plus, 6, 5s, 5c, 5, 4s, 4, 3Gs and 3G. In fact, it makes the process extremely easy. NO technical skills are necessary. Just follow a few simple steps, and in less than 5 minutes you'll be ready to start downloading new apps!

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(Note: In addition, iPhone-Unlocker-Pro also lets you "unlock" your iPhone. Unlocking gives you the option of staying with your current wireless service provider -- or choosing a new one! So if you're tired of paying high monthly fees for poor service -- unlocking will let you change providers and save money. That's why unlocking is so popular among iPhone users worldwide.)

The Top Cydia Apps

To give you a "preview" of what's available inside The Cydia App Store, here are some of the most popular Cydia Apps...


ZephyrOne of the best Cydia apps to come along in quite some time, Zephyr adds multitasking gestures to the iPhone. It helps make an already smooth OS even smoother, and allows the multitasking bar to be opened with a swipe, as opposed to double-tapping the home button which we all - at some stage - get wrong and end up closing our currently-open app.

Zephyr also lets you switch between your recent apps by swiping from the left or right edges of your screen. As useful as this is, there are situations where you'll accidentally activate it. Fortunately, Zephyr gives you the option to disable the functionality for select apps. This comes in handy for avoiding switching apps when you're turning a page in iBooks, and to avoid bringing up the switcher when flipping to the next feed in Flipboard.


sbsettingsSBSettings is an essential - and free - application. After you jailbreak your iPhone, this should definitely be an app that you download. SBSettings overlays a menu that contains the basic functions of the system "options" menu. This overlay menu is easily accessed by swiping the bar at the top of the screen. It includes functions like brightness, 3G, Wi-Fi, and other switches (to turn things on and off).

For your daily iPhone use, this app is probably the most useful one you'll find. Being able to control the brightness of ANY application will convince you that jailbreaking your iPhone was a smart decision.


FastTweet+Since iOS 5 came packaged with that inbuilt Twitter API, FastTweet is a no frills way to tweet quickly and efficiently. So far we are using Twitter app on iPhone, for that we need to tap on Twitter app then activate tweet-input box, face unnecessary information and finally send. Now a new Twitter based app makes your process even simpler.

There is no timeline nor support for DMs, the aim is to send out tweets quickly and efficiently. You tweet, you close, and you tweet again. Nice and simple - just how we like it.

Hands-Free Control for Siri

Hands-Free Control for SiriSiri, Siri, Siri! It's probably the most frequently used new word in tech right now, and the system-spanning voice control feature is rightly being lauded as the cream of the company's latest mobile operating system, iOS 5.

Hands-Free Control only does one thing: It continuously listens until it hears the keyword (standard is "Siri", but you can change it to another word). Once it recognizes the keyword, Siri will show up and you can use it as usual. This tweak is really great if you want to use Siri in your car and don't want to hold down the home button for 2 seconds.

Discover how easy it is to Jailbreak your iPhone with iPhone-UnIocker-Pro...

biteSMS 6.0

biteSMSbiteSMS is a wonderful replacement for Apple's original messaging app. It allows you to do much more with your text messages - including things that were never possible before.

It lets you quickly reply to a text message (without leaving your current screen), directly call the sender, receive a running list of messages as notifications, give special ringtones to contacts, and add contact profile pictures... just to name a few features.

It's only recently been updated for iOS 5 compatibility, but fits in once again like a glove. It's fully integrated with NotificationCenter, so you'll never miss a trick.


GroovesharkGrooveshark... need we say more? One of the most popular music streaming sites online brings its wares to the iPhone!

For those of you who need a primer, Grooveshark is an online service that's totally free for desktop users. It brings iTunes-like music search... to the cloud. Users upload songs to the web server and let you search through them. You can find practically any song imaginable -- even obscure ones.

Because of the 3G connection, it's possible to stream any song to the iPhone while you're on the go. This means you could queue up all the songs you'd normally keep on your iPhone directly from the cloud to your phone.


XBMCAfter years of waiting and anticipation, XBMC finally brought their amazing Media Center app to the iPhone and iPad. But, instead of porting a skimpy "mobile" version of XBMC, their development team decided to bring the FULL experience to iOS devices. The app loads in a reasonable amount of time and has all the add-ons and skins found in the original.

On the front end, the app looks great. XBMC plays videos like VLC media player would on your iOS device. It's nice to be able to enable scrapers and information for all your movies and TV shows -- right on your iPhone/iPad. Television shows, movies, photos, and music (all streaming to your iDevice) also work well and attach to your existing network infrastructure.

3G Unrestrictor for iOS 5

3g UnrestrictorRecently updated for iOS 5, 3G Unrestrictor is one of the best Cydia apps. It lets you access the 3G network for things the iPhone would normally block (by cleverly tricking it into thinking it's operating over Wi-Fi).

This means you can make Skype calls or watch videos over Slingbox without a Wi-Fi connection. Lifting the limits of the Apple App Store and iTunes is awesome - larger podcast downloads are now just a few clicks away.


MCleanerMCleaner is basically the iBlacklist app for the iPhone -- but more sophisticated.

The app creates "blacklists" and "whitelists" of callers (that you choose). Then, you can decide whether your iPhone will ignore a blacklisted caller.

Several other security features make this an incredible app. For example, you can fake data. Instead of showing the network you typed in a wrong password, SMS previews on the lockscreen can be disabled. And even SMS can be filtered to prevent people from contacting you.

Access The Cydia App Store Today!

It's easy... once you Jailbreak your iPhone, you'll be able to take advantage of 1,000s of 3rd-party apps inside The Cydia App Store.

Jailbreaking your iPhone will let you get much more enjoyment out if it!

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Don`t risk your iPhone on an unproven Unlock.
We have been providing iPhone Unlock & iPhone Jailbreak solutions since Nov 07.

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